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Above Ground Safe Room Features

How a shelter is anchored is as important as how it is made. Valley Storm Shelters uses a core drilling technique to anchor the shelter with 28″ long “J” bolts encased in cement.

Each shelter comes with a serial numbered seal and certificate provided by the NSSA. The certificate attests that this shelter’s design, construction, and installation comply with the ICC/NSSA 500-2008.

We use 1/4 inch steel plate (10.2 lbs per square foot) and 4” C- channel (5.4 lbs per linear foot) to construct our shelter. The C-channel is welded to quarter inch plate on 24” centers on all four sides and roof.

Our door is made of 1/4” steel plate, 4” C-channel, weighing 310 lbs. making it one of the strongest doors available. The door handle and locking pins are 1 “ solid stainless steel.

Our shelters come standard with a Modeco high security dead bolt lock. This lock is drill proof and pick proof and may be used to secure the shelter when not in use.

All Valley Storm Shelters have a 1/4” steel floor. The steel floor provides protection from electrocution and provides much greater structural integrity.

The anchoring of the shelter is just as important as the structural design. We use Hilti 3/4″ diameter 7″ long hardened carbon steel zinc plated anchor bolts.

Flush Mount Shelter Features

Automatic model includes a battery charger to insure full charge in an emergency.

2 Gel Batteries power the hydraulics, light and fan in the Automatic model.

Formed steel steps and benches with fabric cover (instead of wood) on Automatic models

12 volt light on Automatic models illuminates interior of the shelter
Powered by gel batteries

12v Vent fan on Automatic models pulls fresh air into the shelter
Powered by gel batteries

Push Button Control for Automatic Hydraulic System

8 ton Manual Hydraulic lift cylinder with 22″ stroke.

2 Hydraulic lift cylinders rated to lift 12,000 lbs. of debris
12 volt hydraulic pump system
Powered by gel batteries

Debris covers over all air vents

Carpeted Floor

Safety ratchet arm for use with emergency hydraulic pivoting lid